Our members are the reason we are fiercely devoted to our mission. Their unique stories are raw, real and brave.


You can’t help but feel good when you walk into one of our hubs. You’ll see people getting better because we all put in the time to help clients live their best life. Using evidence-based treatments, our clinically qualified staff get to know each member and partner with them on strategies tailored to achieve what’s important to them.


We are totally focused on programs that are community-facing. We move people from isolation to integration. Anixter Center continues to lead the field so others can lead meaningful, independent lives. Our members say “I can do better.” They want tomorrow. We’ve been giving people their tomorrows for 100 years.

A close up view of two people holding hands in support.

“My all-consuming goal is that we continue to provide the power of our programming that allows members to feel supported and engaged in the larger Chicagoland community so tens of thousands of people in the next 100 years can look back at the Anixter Center as the place that helped them be their greatest self.”

Rebecca Clark, President/CEO, Anixter Center


Regular intensive support for nearly 300 people

Community Mental Health Services

Supports self awareness to those living with behavioral/mental illness…includes people who are deaf or hard of hearing…provides education, skill-building and opportunities to access community activities and resources.

Substance Use Disorder (SUD) Programs

Designed specifically for individuals with mental health issues or physical disabilities who experience co-occurring substance use disorders…offers compassionate outpatient treatment tailored to the unique needs of each member…applies expertise and partnership to achieve an overall healthier way of life free from substance use.

Intermittent Residential Support Services (case management)

Caseworkers connect people living in their own homes with community services offering direct assistance with mental health stability.

24-Hour Supervised Residential Settings

Professionally staffed to support adults living with behavioral/mental illness….gives residents opportunities to build daily living skills and engage in active community life.


Smiling female CMH client with blue nail polish.“My habit is brown boxes. My mom was a hoarder, I got that from her. My mom didn’t have the chance to overcome her illness but I do.”

Meet Karen, who continues to improve from depression and related conditions while living independently in an Anixter-HUD apartment. She went years losing interest in daily activities, resorting to wearing a bandana constantly because she didn’t have the energy to even wash her hair. But the dedicated therapists working with Karen restructured her therapy to more frequent interactions which she craved and responded to. Without a medication change, Karen suddenly turned a corner, began throwing out boxes, and gained a newfound pride in her appearance, including doing her own manicures.

“I wrote down my goals, and my mind set began changing. My therapist Mary said,‘I’m so proud of you’ and that was such support around me – it feels good to get what you need and I see myself getting a lot better.”

And the bandana is off.

Smiling male CMH client embraced by his female fiance.“I slept homeless, in a box on lower Wacker. Even when strangers brought sandwiches it didn’t feed us all and someone was not going to eat that night – I’ve come from the other side of the mountain.”

Meet Carter. He’s been in the Anixter Center group home at Northshore about a year and is now moving into an Anixter-HUD apartment. His life journey included family abuse, addiction and bipolar disease. Carter committed to group therapy, where he met Shannon, the love of his life, and recently asked her father for permission to marry.

“We both learned to hang in and not be prideful about our struggles,” said Shannon. “I would recommend to anyone Anixter Center’s great group homes because they will move you up the ladder.”

“I’ve gone from homeless and drugs to purpose and meaning,” Carter added. “It brings peace to realize how far Shannon and I have come. We can be there for others now. We are determined to do the right thing.”

“I want to operate my own Soul Food business.”

Meet Keishona. She’s been coming to Anixter Center enter for day therapy and group support over 3 years to treat a variety of mental health challenges . She bottled up her emotions including anger and was unmotivated to pursue life goals when she started. But talking through her problems helped Keishona grow and see a hopeful future. She was hired at Mariano’s as a juicer and recently got promoted to bagging and customer service.“I love our customers and I’m a people person,” she said. In between her fulfilling work schedule, Keishona participates in numerous Anixter Center group activities in the community including visits to the library, bowling and baseball games. She’s learned daily skills like budgets and bill paying. She’s shown leadership.“I told the others they need to work hard and pay for their own Sox tickets – that will make them feel so good.”

“I was scared when I first came, but Anixter Center supports me like family and even in your problems, they listen to what’s going on, help me deal with it – and make me laugh. I feel stabilized.”