You’ve seen what we do on the field. Now, see what we can do for your company.  

Anixter Center and Special Olympics Illinois are working together to achieve employment outcomes for athletes.

We’re going for gold! We’re proud to share Anixter Center and Special Olympics Illinois (SOILL) have created an exclusive employment services partnership. Together, Anixter Center and SOILL will support athletes seeking employment in their communities. SOILL transforms the lives of more than 23,000 people with disabilities through Olympic-style sports training, competition, and leadership development. Now, Anixter Center will help SOILL athletes cross the finish line as they search for employment. With a shared mission of inclusion and belonging, Anixter and SOILL will work together to provide more opportunities for the individuals we serve.

Anixter Center provides job training, employment hiring, and ongoing coaching for adults with disabilities, as well as technical assistance for our hiring partners. We believe in the disability inclusion advantage and know everyone can find success in the workplace. Anixter offers a wide variety of specific Employment Services, including Supported Employment Program, Ticket to Work, and Inclusive Pathways. To learn more about Employment Services, please contact

We’re honored to partner with SOILL to support community employment throughout Illinois. Together, we’re making our communities a place where we all play unified and live unified.

A photo of Rebecca Clark, Anixter's CEO, on a podium in front of a sign that says Special Olympics Unified Champion Schools."