At Anixter Center, our commitment to inclusivity and equitable access for all communities
remains unwavering, especially for those with disabilities. This Black History Month serves as a
reminder of our shared responsibility to acknowledge the past, embrace diversity, and work
collaboratively for a more equitable future. We reflect on the remarkable journeys of Black
Americans, such as:

  • Haben Girma, Harvard Law’s first deafblind graduate and disability rights advocate, who
    has broken down barriers in accessibility and inclusion.
  • Simone Biles, an Olympic gymnastics sensation who has not only redefined her sport
    but has also used her platform to advocate for mental health awareness.
  • Ahmir “QuestLove” Thompson, the renowned musician, drummer, and member of The
    Roots, exemplifies determination and passion in his journey to global acclaim despite
    being autistic.

As an organization, we recognize these exceptional individuals and so many others who have
not only overcome disabilities but have also achieved greatness.
While we honor these remarkable figures, we also celebrate our own dedicated team at Anixter
Center. Our employees, with their diverse backgrounds and experiences, enrich our organization
in immeasurable ways. They teach us about the rich history of Black Americans and contribute
significantly to the important conversations of our time through their stories, insights, and
personal journeys.
In the face of adversity, the Black community has consistently displayed incredible resilience.
During Black History Month and beyond, we encourage you to take a closer look at the different
perspectives and experiences. We invite you to hear what this time means for some of our
employees on our social media platforms here. Below are additional opportunities and
resources to consider:

Here’s to a meaningful and inspiring Black History Month.

Sam Handley
CEO, Anixter Center